We live in a world where news and content is put in front of us constantly. This is why we tell your story in a way that helps you stand out amongst all the noise. 

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This service can help you get Verified on Instagram. Instagram requires PR articles linking to your account in order to get verified. This does exactly that.

After Order has been placed, we will contact you for the details we will need for your Press Release within 24 hours.

This listing includes professional copywriting and distributing your press release to Tier 1 News Channels + up to 500 different media outlets.

If you wish to announce or launch any product, service / music event, app, book, Business Website / Blog or a Kickstarter campaign - Then this is the perfect opportunity to get featured on the biggest media outlets in the world.

Through the distribution of a high-quality, well-written release, you are doing far more than just “getting the word out”. You’re building your brand, while at the same time obtaining mentions and links to your Social Media Accounts from major news outlets, and enhancing your online reputation.

Our writers make sure that the press release will describe your company or organization and detailing your newsworthy event in a way that grabs attention.

Our writers can create a story that will improve your brand or personal reputation, get new investors, customers, traffic and engagement.

We strive to make the process as simple and minimal for our clients as possible.

Purchase includes:


  • Press Release

  • Links on Article Directly to Your Business / Brand / Website

  • Anchor Links

  • Keywords for SEO

  • Backlinks for SEO

  • Guaranteed Article on Tier 1 News Channels

    • ABC - NBC - Telemundo & More!

    Up To 500 different Media Outlets

  • Fast Delivery

  • Distribution Report: You will receive sophisticated report + analytics. 

  • Social Media Branding Ebook

  • List of Apps our clients use to dominate their marketing strategy


NOTE: We do not accept adult, gambling or pharmaceutical sites.

Payment Options:

One Time $349

Payment Plan $199 Now and $199 Before we write your Article