If you want to get your name in front of the people who can propel your organization to the next level, a press release will do just that; in fact, in the 21st Century, they are one of the most important aspects of your entire media campaign. Here’s why:


Instant Advertising: When your company releases a new product or service and you want it to quickly reach your target audience, a press release is one of the most effective methods of doing so.

Instant Credibility: As an author, consultant or brand, being able to say "As Seen On Fox, CBS, ABC, etc" adds instant credibility to you and also improves your chances of being "Blue Check Verified" on Instagram and Twitter.


Improve Brand Image: The more positive exposure your brand gets, the more people will engage with your brand and the more popular you will become.


Drive Interest: You can attach videos, images, and other forms of multimedia to your press releases which make your brand more interesting and help to provide maximum engagement with your audience.

Immediate Global Distribution: Gone are the days when press releases were only sent to local journalists in the hopes of it being printed. Due to the advancements in technology, we now have the ability to distribute your press releases worldwide through social media and email.


Viral Possibilities: When people start sharing your press release on social media and other platforms, it increases the likelihood of it going viral which will give your brand the exposure it needs.

Additionally, if you don’t have a large advertising budget, a press release is one of the most accessible forms of advertising. Your spend will be exceptionally low in comparison to paid advertisements in newspapers and magazines. Furthermore, the reach is far greater. Print advertisements only go as far as the numbers printed and they only run for a certain period of time. On the other hand, once a press release has been published online, it remains there until you decide to take it down. With a press release, you basically have a permanent advert about your company circulating the internet. As an added bonus, we also include your website and social media links in our articles - giving you an SEO boost as well!